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Cyber Security & Information Technology Management and Monitoring for Yachts


Today’s yachts require reliable Internet connectivity for all their Internet accessible devices and systems being used while underway or docked.  Unfortunately, yachts are just as susceptible to malicious Cyber Threats & Breaches as any other entity.  IT 4 Yachts was established to counter these threats and ensure that your yacht is secure, and the technology you rely on is functioning as you expect it should.  With a combined 70+ years providing Information Technology & Recreational Marine Services and Management Solutions to the yachting world, IT 4 Yachts provides yacht manufacturers, refit specialists, charter group management and private owners with all the proven network security, 24x7 technical support and more which only land-based business were once able to achieve.


Meet The Team

Stuart Cantin CEO/Founder
Stu Cantin, CEO / Founder
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